After 8 years in development, L'Oréal Group-owned Yves Saint Laurent introduced Libre— a fresh "gender-bending" perfume— with Dua Lipa as brand's face.

Libre is now accessible in Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and the Americas travel retailers and will be featured at significant advertising events later this year. It will be launched on 1 November in Asia Pacific travel retail.

credit: Fashion Gone Rouge

Libre provides "a couture twist on a classically masculine style" and plays on the tension between males and females. The scent provides top notes of sparkling neroli and juicy mandarin, orange blossom and heart notes of diva lavender, and Madagascar's sustainably sourced base notes of vanilla bourbon. The fresh scent is defined as taking on the fougère as a "freestyle," a classic masculine fragrance style featuring lavender, customized and "retailored" as a feminine perfume.

The bottle was designed by Suzanne Dalton. The familiar' YSL' Cassandra logo is flipped to its side here, giving the bottle an unique yet charming shape. The flacon represents the same scent duality of gender-bending, and also refers to the sleek customization of a Yves Saint Laurent suit. On the bottle's neck displays also a gold chain and a slanted black cap.

The campaign features singer songwriter Dua Lipa, lately nominated by Time Magazine as a Next Generation Leader. Dua Lipa was nominated for five distinct classifications during the 2018 Brit Awards, known for hits like "New Rules" and "One Kiss."

Nabil Elderkin, the filmmaker of this campagne did say:

Dua Lipa is an inspired choice to embody this boldly defiant woman. Young and edgy, with an uncompromising sense of self and a willingness to speak her truth, she is exactly the sort of ambassador who can exude a perfectly calibrated blend of liberated sensuality and inner strength that embodies the no compromise, write-your-own-rules YSL woman.

Yves Saint Laurent Libre makes part of a flourishing innovation in fragrance that will spruce the development in Western Europe.