Of all the cosmetic methods, the stomach tuck appears to have a fairly high fulfillment rate. This obviously relies upon who does the procedure. Tummy tuck are very common among women, especially those who’ve had a dramatic weight loss or had children and need a retire-pair. However, the procedure is also appealing to a number of men.

Before deciding if it’s suitable for you or not, let’s have a look at 5 interesting facts about the tummy tuck.

1.     Will Your Belly Button Disappear?


Absolutely not! If you’ve ever wondered what’s gonna happen with your belly button during the normal tummy tuck procedure, the answer is that it’s not going to be removed or gone. You get a new belly, not a new belly button. However, the way your belly button looks can be different and it mostly depends on how the incision is made, how it is sutured back and the skills of your practitioner.

2.     Connective Tissue Fix


Numerous individuals care about loose muscles and express their desire to get loose muscles fixed during tummy tuck procedure but in fact, the matter is misconcepted. It isn't generally not about the loose muscles, it’s about the connective tissue. The muscles are built by muscle fibers and surrounded by this connective tissue. Therefore, during the tummy tuck procedure, it is this connective tissue that is tightened.

3.      Return of Fat

The question around whether the removed fat will make a return back to your body is the biggest concern of patients. As long as measure are put in place to maintain weight, no new fat will show out. In case you gain weight, your body will surely redistributed this weight. As a result, the fat will be back.  The bright side is that less fat will go to your abdominal area since fat cells are removed in this area during your tummy tuck.

However, you should keep being in shape with a balanced diet and suitable working out routine.

4.     Medical Benefits


Even though tummy tuck is just considered as another cosmetic procedure from many people’s point of view, it can also offer some good benefits. By tightening loose and weak areas, it can fix your posture. In addition, it can affect the internal organs, make it work much better.

5.     Liposuction Connection


Your surgeon can recommend you to get a liposuction done as well during your consultation and this all depends on your body and what you need. Liposuction can help shape your waist and hip area. Each patient will be offered different suggestion with risks and different recovery time. In a word, a combination body contouring procedure is usually the most efficient and effective approach.

Before making any decision on your tummy treatment, make sure you have enough essential information about it. Once you decide to go under the knife, remember to choose the right board-certificated plastic surgeon with huge experience performing tummy tuck, as well as performing a combination body contouring procedure as needed.