A survey from American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery showed that there were 53,332 vaginal rejuvenation procedures performed in 2009. Medical treatment can be a reason, besides, some are also done for aesthetics purposes. The reality behind our title can be further than what you expected, also it is what brings us to be here today.

Being a woman is never easy in this century even the discussion around feminism and a fair world of two genders keeps going ahead on social media and over the press. When it comes to vaginal rejuvenation, most of women do not hesitate to confess that the motivation behind the surgery is mostly for aesthetics purpose and sex life improvement. In some cases, it's about the judgement they've received from their partners.

My boyfriend says my vagina is different and that I cheated.
How do I prove that I'm not having sex with anyone other than my boyfriend because, because he is accusing me of sleeping around and that my vagina is not tight?

Surfing on Quora and coming across these questions, what first comes to your mind? After all the fights for female power, we simply just turn back being so insecure about the judgement labeled on our 'cookie jar', though sometimes, it seems so untrue and rude. We can't just define 'loyalty' by the tightness or looseness of the vagina. It's correct that the vagina stretches when being penetrated. However in most cases, it bounces back to its shape and size after a normal sexual intercourse.

The potential reasons which make your 'vertical lips' more open and loose are mostly from the effect of having babies, aging process and atrophy induced. It's undeniable that being in a relations is an up and down journey, but the idea of telling a woman that she is cheating because of vagina's tightness and looseness is totally absurd. Therefore, if you are heading to undergo a vaginoplasty in order to prove your loyalty to your 'beloved' partner, you should have a second thought.

In other cases, a vaginal rejuvenation is performed with the aim for hanging on a relationship which is on the edge or in a cruel situation. It happens all the time when a woman find out her husband or boyfriend cheating and it always ends up with one common question: Do I really satisfy him in bed?

It is nothing wrong if you want to reshape your vagina and improve your sexual satisfaction. But do you really want to go for vaginal rejuvenation just to hold a heart that doesn't belong to you anymore? A big no. The root of relation problem can come from both sides, but the one ruined it was the one who cheated, and you do not have to blame yourself on your 'cute little girl', for a 'jerk' that does not deserve.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a thing now and despite all our discussion above, around the connection of 'loyalty' and 'vagina', we can't deny that the procedures are greatly improving the lives of many women. The decision to have a vaginal rejuvenation is up to you, therefore, understand the need and the aim of the procedures before heading out the door.