What To Expect To Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is a topical treatment that cosmetic surgeons apply to patient skin and it exfoliates the outer layer of the skin to improve skin texture, tone or pigment, yet allows new, healthy fresh skin to rejuvenate and replace the skin that they've removed. Chemical Peel is not frightening to be done as rumor has it and we can use chemical peels for a number of different things.

Most patients come to chemical peel seeking aesthetic improvements in their skin because it can be used to improve melasma or pigment problems. Additionally, chemical peel can improve skin texture and tone, fine wrinkles and sometimes even moderate wrinkles if we use a deeper peel.

For patients who struggle with acne, it can improve the acne component of their skin as well as helping soften some of the old acne scars and damage. Other patients with precancerous lesions of the skin or a tendency for skin cancer can actually use different types of chemical peels to resurface the skin and remove some of that sun damaged component.

Your experience during a chemical peel will vary depending on the strength of the peel. You may receive a local anesthetic to make it more comfortable for light to medium peels and very deep chemical peels may require general anesthesia.

After your skin has been numbed, the solution is applied to your skin and is left there to “work”. The amount of time it’s left on your skin depends on the specific type of peel. It could range from few seconds to up to an hour for more lightweight peels. Some peels will be neutralized with water and a protective mask of petroleum jelly is placed on your treated skin. New skin will emerge looking sunburned and feeling sensitive after a few days. Make sure to follow your provider’s instructions for taking care of your skin after chemical peel.

Your skin is the beginning of your beauty routine. A chemical peel appears as a solution to remove the spoiled top layers of your skin and reveal a healthier new skin underneath. It’s important to have a general read on basic information about the treatment before you decide to make a change on your skin.