In spite of the fact that high heels were first created for men, this kind of footwear is bestie of women today. As women's shoes and styles developed, the same occurred for men's shoes and today there are a number of opportunities for men to wear shoes and styles. Classic shoes speak for themselves, and while they don't create a guy, they enhance considerably his style and confidence. Let's find out what kind of classic shoes are best for men and on what occasion they can put it on.

Oxford Shoes

A replacement for common boots, this kind of shoes have been developed around the 1800's by students who searched for a more comfortable experience with shoes. Oxford shoes are one of the most stylish and classic choices for men and they are distinguished by a closed-up lacing system. For the similarity of style, they are often confused with Derby shoes, and may or may not be Brogues, depending on the perforations they may have.

Image: Fashion Beans

A timeless Oxford pair can fit well any formal occasion, from business meetings to company parties or even weddings. Of course, suit and tie will be perfect.

Derby Shoes

An Oxford's neighbor in shoes land with less formal look marked by an open lacing system. Derby shoes tend to differ in style or color combinations more than Oxfords. Derby shoes are said to be a comfort-oriented evolution of Oxford shoes, making them a more casual shoe for people to wear almost on a daily basis. These shoes may also be Brogues in terms of design, depending on the perforations they may or may not have.

These are the perfect shoes to bring to job or a sunset party, but they will also suit a formal event that is not as up-to-date as a wedding or business party.

Monk Strap Shoes

The tale of the appearance of monk strap shoes is not certain and checked, but it is said that it dates back to the 15th century when a monk in the Alps produced a particular type of sandals. A visitor brought these sandals back to England and individuals immediately fell in love with the design. Possess the elegance from Derby or Oxford but what makes this kind of shoes stand out is a buckle outside replaced for laces.

Image: The Fashion For Men

These are ideal choices to bring to non-serious (but not casual either) company events. They will definitely add a man's feeling of being elegant and self-confident and not only being extremely professional, but knowing how to enjoy life as well.