Human Adam's apple, or laryngeal prominence, is a component of the human neck and is the knot or bulge that is framed by the angle of the thyroid ligament encompassing the larynx. A projection at the front of the neck shaped by the thyroid ligament of the larynx, frequently conspicuous in men. Found on both men and women, however, Adam’s apple shows up more prominently and is more visible in men. And today we’re getting to know 5 interesting facts around this kind of “apple”.

1.  The Mobility

Adam’s apple can move up and down freely and easily. From this little sense for individuals, it can control the timbre and recurrence of people’s voice, which enables them to speak with one another.

2.  The Reduction

It is very difficult to manage the operation to reduce Adam’s apple because of its complex structure of larynx. Nowadays plastic surgery can help reduce the size of your Adam’s apple, make it smaller by removing excess cartilage.

3.   The Strength

Surrounded by a great deal of nerve nodes, Adam’s apple is easily painful if being attacked by a kick, the damage involves a quick brain reaction. It is conceivable to have the lack of cognizance and even heart failure. The trachea can be affected if it gets damaged, leading to suffocation. For that reason, a kick to Adam’s apple is one of the favorite techniques in hand to hand fighting.

4.   The Name’s Origin

The name “Adam’s apple”, came to us from the Bible. At the point when Adam bit off a piece of fruit from the tree of knowledge, surrendering to the enticement of the Serpent, at that point this apple’s piece was stuck in Adam's throat, therefore shaping it. It has filled in as an endless reminder of the fall and ejection of people from Paradise ever since. People then started to call it “Adam’s apple”.

5.   Adam’s Apple In Men And Women

It is generally believed that the presence of Adam’s apple depends on sexuality. In both genders, it protects the vocal cords. However, unlike in men, it appears to be smaller with smaller cartilage and much larger connection’s angle. Physiologically, in men, bone and cartilaginous tissue are bigger, this is another motivation behind why it is excreted in men, and in women, it is barely visible. It additionally conceals subcutaneous fat, so when women are following a very hard diet and lose a lot of weight in a short period, it can show up a little bit.