Overview on body lift - solution for your body dream.

A well-toned smoothly contoured body is one of the hallmarks of fitness. But for some people regular exercise and good eating habits are not enough. Aging sun damage pregnancy and significant weight fluctuations as well as hereditary factors may have caused skin and tissues to stretch over time losing their elasticity. The result is sagging skin and tissue in various areas of the body. If loose skin doesn't respond to exercise and proper eating, a body lift may be the solution.


A body lift is a surgical procedure that can improve the presence of sagging skin and reshape contours to a more smooth appearance. Areas that are typically treated are the abdomen thighs and buttocks. An evaluation of your specific situation a recommended course of treatment and discussion of potential risks and complications. Any questions and concerns should be addressed during the consultation. Full disclosure of your health history is important to your safety including any history of medical conditions or illnesses in your family your current use of any medications vitamins supplements as well as any alcohol tobacco or drug use.

Good candidates for body lift are healthy men and women with no life-threatening illnesses. You should be close to your ideal weight with good eating and exercise habits.  Pregnancy or other fluctuations in weight whether losing or gaining can adversely affect the results of the procedure. A positive outlook and reasonable expectations are also important. Patients who smoke are at increased risk of poor healing and they are also advised to stop smoking for several weeks before or after surgery. Certain conditions may preclude you from or require special precautions during the procedures. These include cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, certain circulatory disorders and diabetes.


Prior to your procedure, you will be asked to sign informed consent documents, these are used to make sure you fully understand the procedure including any risks and complications and that you commit to following any and all instructions you are given. These comprise of pre-surgical considerations day of surgery instructions and information relating to the use of anesthesia. Body lifts typically make use of a combination of the following procedures: liposuction, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, breast surgery, arm lift and buttock lift. Depending on the situation these procedures may be accomplished in one surgical session or in stage procedures with varying recovery times.

Conditions that may be treated include dimpled or uneven tissue called cellulite loose skin that has lost its elasticity excess amounts of fatty tissue and body contours that have become less smooth. A common technique is to make incisions in a bikini pattern around the waist groin and buttocks, which allows the surgeon to remove a belt of skin and fatty tissue from around the body the skin. Tissue is tightened and re-positioned creating a firmer better toned lower body contour through these incisions. Your surgeon will remove excess fat and reshape and reduce underlying tissue. Following your procedure, you may find it difficult or painful to stand up straight or to sit down or lie down.

The results of body lift procedures are generally permanent. Maintenance is achieved through good eating habits and regular exercise. Once you have recovered from one stage of procedures it may be time to prepare for additional procedures targeting other areas of the body. Proper sun protection must be maintained to help prevent pigment irregularities. Whether your body lift is accomplished in a single procedure or in stages the result is the satisfaction of attaining the new contours you want and the peace of mind and having the body you desire.