Imagine being told by dozens of people that your teeth look ugly and then you're approached by a dentist offering to give you a free set of veneers. Lots of influencers on Instagram are experiencing this. Veneers have become big business so it's no wonder they've become a big nightmare for lots of disappointed customers. Let's take a closer look at this popular procedure and learn the untold story of veneers.

The dark truth about veneers is that many dentists are reportedly encouraging people to have them fitted when there's actually no need. The invasive process can involve pain and discomfort. It's undeniable that veneers can bring positive experience and a wonderful outcome for many patients. But only if a specialist dentist carries out the work and only if there's a real need for the treatment. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous dentists out there who are pushing this expensive treatment when it's not totally necessary. Many also don't have any specific skills to carry out a perfect job either.

For patients who choose to jump into veneers, there's no going back. It is an irreversible procedure. The teeth have to be filed down first and once you've had it done, you're committed to having the process repeated in 15 to 20 years because they don't actually last forever, a replacement is necessary. It's also an expensive procedure with the average price of a single veneer costing a massive 2 thousand dollars. In New York City, per tooth can cost you up to 4 thousand dollars. Now think about a full set, around 70 thousand dollars! No wonder so many dentists are getting in on the action and there's a big demand NYC based aesthetic dentists.

Additionally, cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty by the American Dental Association. It is, for sure, the most lucrative form of dentistry and everyone wants to do it. However, going to a general dentist for veneers is not different from going to your general physician for a butt lift. Perhaps any dentist could fit a set of veneers, but not every dentist could do it well. Veneer process involves a skillful lab technician who can customize veneers that work for the patient's unique mouth. Therefore, it is obviously visible when a non-expert has done the job. The result appears to be awful: veneers are glowing white freakishly smooth and too large for the person's mouth. In some cases, it's not simply about the look but the quality as well.

It's particularly important to have a personalized veneer when you're just having one fitted. The veneer needs to be the correct color to blend in with the other original teeth that surround it. Good veneers aren't too opaque, too white or too smooth, they have the translucency irregularity and texture of real teeth.