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Halloween Treat Screams Lush's Bath Bomb "Mercury Retrograde"

It's September, and it means the Halloween appreciation season is approaching. Lush fans are happy–the favorite bath time brand has just unveiled its Halloween product line. As you can guess, in terms of item names, forms and, of course, smells, the variety is completely theme, making this collection a

Yves Saint Laurent New Fragrance: "Libre" Is On Fire

After 8 years in development, L'Oréal Group-owned Yves Saint Laurent introduced Libre— a fresh "gender-bending" perfume— with Dua Lipa as brand's face.Libre is now accessible in Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and the Americas travel retailers and will be featured at significant advertising events later this year. It

4 Magic Lipsticks For More Than Just Your Lips

Whether it's an professional meeting or a happy date out, something always happens that needs a touch of makeup. Here are 5 multitasking lipsticks capable of transforming your whole face.RMS Beauty Lip Shinecredit: AnthropologieIt's time for purity: a touch of brightness on your lips is both sensual and nourishing

Most Men Don't Wear Sun Care Product!

Not all men want to discuss about skin problem or skin cancer. More than 280,000 skin melanoma cases were reported globally in 2018. Of these instances, more than 150,000 were in men, and the death rate in men continues to rise. Despite these statistics, males are less likely

Are Dry Sheet Masks Worth The Hype?

Over the previous few years, sheet masks for skincare have been the beauty industry's knock-out success story. With images of A-listers from Victoria Beckham to Chris Pratt sporting the creepy-looking but efficient masks, Instagram remains to be awash.The latest addition to the sheet mask family is the dry sheet

Eau De Juice: The Debut Of Cosmopolitan On Fragrance Game

For their first raid into the fragrance business, Cosmopolitan - the largest young women's media brand joined with Luxe Brands and actress Ashley Benson in the debut of four-scent collection: Eau De Juice.Ashley Benson as the face of new collection / Photo by FMCG Market NewsThe collection includes four perky

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Future Of Beauty?

We are so familiar to the tale of Snow White and 'magic mirror', which is considered as a powerful living tool and always speaks the truth without judgement. While magic smart mirror seems just to be an unrealistic thing in the fairy tale, technicians of our century have proved that