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These 3 Lip Balms Are SOS On Pinterest!

"Winter is coming" and you probably don't want to miss a chance to own an ideal lip balm in this cold season. Recommended from Pinterest's users, there 3 lip balms are the most popular ones on social networks. Carmex Classic Lip BalmImage: https://shafa.uaDon't let the packaging fool you,

Breaking News: The Very First Collaboration Of Kardashians Sisters In Perfume World

With the collection of fragrances called Diamond. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe collaborated for the first time with 3 fragrances inspired by their fetish aromas and made by their care, distilled in bottles with clean lines. @kkwfragranceWhile Kris and Kylie Jenner are putting a spotlight on their "Rise and Shine" meme

We Just Can't Ignore FOREO Luna Mini 3

A perfect skin is a dream of every women and men. During the cleaning process of our beauty routine, we all need indiscriminately specific treatment, which always means trying to improve your regular skin care with appropriate items that can meet all our needs. The new FOREO LUNA Mini 3

5 Matte Lipsticks For A Remarkable Transformation

No one wants to sit around feeling chapped and cracked with their lips because their lipstick has sucked out their lives. Not all matte lipsticks are created equal, however, and in fact there is a way to make matte formulations feel comfortable, weightless, and durable. We listed the best matt

Oral-B Genius X: Next-Gen AI Toothbrush For Your Intelligent Brushing Experience

Recent study by the top health and beauty company, Oral-B discovered that 80% of individuals in the UK lose an region of their throat when washing their teeth, which could contribute to severe potential dental problems if not enhanced. Image: Along Came CherryAs a result, Oral-B has worked hard on

Victoria Beckham Debut Line: All About Smoky Eyes And Sustainable Items

After celebrating her spring/summer 2020, Victoria Beckham has then unveiled her premier beauty line with all the items produced with a "blend of nature and clean science." Gorgeous Victoria Beckham Through Tom Newton's LensThere aren't many start-ups whose co-founder has Beckham's kind of influence. The article produced more than

Diptyque Scented Tattoo Will Be Big This Season

The French-based "techno-poetic" house has launched their scented temporary tattoo and we're pretty sure you're not hearing a joke. Yes, a tattoo with fragrance. Image: DiptyqueWhether you're a perfume fan or not, it's undeniable that the return of scented tattoos seems unexpectedly awesome. How creative our human beings are. Now