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Lifestyle Management For Your Pain After A Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that flattens the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and strengthening the underlying muscle. In a couple of weeks, many people can recover. There are practical things you can do during the first few months as you recover from your

When Should You Choose PRK Laser Eye Surgery Over Lasik?

The U.S. currently offers mainly two forms of laser eye surgery. These are called PRK and LASIK. LASIK is the much better known of the two, but PRK laser eye surgery has been the first, first used technique and is still very popular and successful today. Decide what variety

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty: A Different View

Non surgical rhinoplasty may be popular on social media, but doctors alert that they're not all cracked to be. Non Surgical Rhinoplasty In Comparison To Traditional Nose JobA rhinoplasty is typically a procedure that improves the shape of the nose. Due to various bruising and swelling, it requires anesthesia and

Kardashian Effect: An American Dream Of Plastic Surgery

The Kardashians have had a significant effect from the way people dress and how their looks show up to the world. That being said, their impact on the appearance of women extends beyond the ground and into the domain of plastic surgery. So much so that the impact of Kardashians

Mommy Makeover: Mommy Rocking Back Her Body

Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and other causes all lead to transformations that occur after getting kids to a woman's body. If exercise and nutrition programs are not sufficient to accomplish the patients' desired outcomes, they may want to consider a 'mommy makeover'–a group of processes–to rock back their bodies.

"Resting Bitch Face" Surgery: Stay A "Bitch" Or You Choose To Switch?

A large number of women are seeking plastic surgery to fix their "resting bitch faces." Feminists say "disapproval" but we'll get back to it later, let's now head to our topic, seriously, what makes women crave for "resting bitch face" surgery? Resting bitch face, also recognized as RBF, is a

Arm Lift Is So Damn A Gift!

You may be fit and healthy, but your skin isn't as elastic as it used to be. Or you've had excellent dietary or bariatric surgery outcomes. Either way, you see one result that isn't that nice - loose hair flaps hanging from your upper arms. Some individuals are considering having