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AI Can Now Visualize Your Post Cosmetic Procedure Appearance

The beauty industry's present projected valuation is around US$ 20 billion. With a CAGR of over 7 percent from 2019 to 2023, the worldwide cosmetic surgery industry is undergoing good development and development as one of the main sub-domains. While esthetic surgery is already prevalent and the sector is comparatively

Planet Over Profit: When Beauty Brands Stand For The Amazon

A number of beauty brands are taking a stand for the Amazon as our planet is literally burning in front of our eyes. There's no planet-B, we're running out of time.Finally A Step UpEarlier this month, H&M has announced that the brand will stop using leather from

"La Vie En Vert": Think Green, Use Green

The advantages of "green" beauty cosmetic products extend beyond trends. Increasing studies demonstrate the toxicity of standard cosmetics, resulting in the fast and consistent growth of green cosmetics industry.Green Cosmetics: What Is It?When it comes to "green cosmetics", most of customers automatically create eco-friendly statements about the product

Fast Fashion Falls Out Of Favor

When Topshop empire collapsed, Gap, Old Navy and Forever 21 are on the verge of bankruptcy. Nothing appears to help fast fashion in current [email protected]_santrom / UnsplashStarted booming in the 1960s, the aim of fast fashion is to catch up with the trend of cheap but trendy outfits for

Virtual Try-On: When Artistry Meets Technology

A brand that wishes to build a distinctive experience that requires technology that can sustain that objective. Virtual and augmented reality can provide a significant boost to brand awareness and an opportunity for listening and personalizing.Perhaps the true issue is that not everyone has fully understood how much virtual

New Study Unveils Lifestyle Factors Affecting Our Skin Microbiome

New research has revealed new bits of knowledge behind how the skin microbiome - the differing network of microscopic organisms, growths and different microorganisms living on the skin's surface - works and which key components have the most effect on maturing and our skin's general [email protected]_louisreed / UnsplashThe new study,

Artificial Intelligence: Transformer Of Beauty World

Our world is craving for artificial intelligence. People believe that the advent of AI will power the fourth industrial revolution, changing the manner in which we work, live and interface.It is quickly disturbing a wide range of industries, and in beauty industry, organizations from the biggest multinationals to start-up