Our hands are our most active body part. But most of us pay less attention on our hands when it comes to skincare. Don't underestimate the power of soft smooth hands, without those phalanges, we couldn't achieve our daily goals. Rough, dry hands are not a problem anymore if you follow these 4 easy steps.


Like the rest of the body, the skin on our hands is exposed to sunlight but we barely notice. Therefore, remember to get it protected from UV rays. Take a portable SPF stick, focus on the back of your hands and between your fingers. To keep the skin in good condition with adequate miniaturization, wear a sunscreen on your hands. This is the simplest way to prevent sun and dust from protecting your skin.


You may not know but scrubbing hands is what we need most. Roughness, tautness, even bleeding are caused by dry skin. You can start scrubbing with a body scrub, slough off dead cells and give your hands a little love. Exfoliate your hands once a week or two with a scrub (hand scrubs can be bought, but it's just as effective to mix baking soda with a little water).


Make sure you take a moment to moisturize your hands after washing them. If possible, use a distinct hand cream or a standard body lotion. Gently massage the cream inside by rubbing together your hands. Do not forget to hydrate between your fingers and under your nails. Do this before going to sleep every night.

Gentle Soap

@creativegangsters / Unsplash

Your skin might feel like sandpaper if you constantly wash your hands with normal sanitizers or antibacterial soaps because these products contain harsh ingredients and alcohol. Do your hands a favor and switch over to DIY hand sanitizers with natural ingredients or lipid-based soap. Avoid hot water when washing your hands, go for lukewarm one instead.