We are so familiar to the tale of Snow White and 'magic mirror', which is considered as a powerful living tool and always speaks the truth without judgement. While magic smart mirror seems just to be an unrealistic thing in the fairy tale, technicians of our century have proved that they can make magic come real. After several attempts and experiments, the smart mirror was born.

A smart mirror (or virtual mirror) is a two-route reflect with cameras, electronic showcases and various sensors behind the glass. Fundamentally, smart mirror is an advanced mirror outfitted with innovations consolidated to bring the client the future feeling. Its capacities profoundly vary dependent on their usage type, client profile and location.

In the retail industry, smart mirrors are used as a stylist giving customers the recommendations on choosing outfits, with virtual try-on solutions or virtual wardrobe. Smart mirror usages can be expanded based on various demands, such as virtual glasses or jewelry try-on. Another example is skin examination solutions that can follow and analyze diverse skin conditions by means of camera, prescribe proper items and empower you to share item surveys with your friends. Smart mirrors can also help you maintain your best skin through daily tracking.

Smart mirrors can make you feel like sunlight on your skin, even with the shades drawn. Natural lightning is a best friend of cosmetic application since it enables you to apply only the appropriate amount of product and not overcompensate for diminish or splendid lighting. Your cosmetics will look great outside just as in the warm glow of your home lighting. Moreover, smart mirrors can offer a convenient experience that lets you easily follow your favorite beauty YouTube bloggers or influencers.

Photo by Camila Carril 

Customers nowadays depend intensely on social media and smartphones to make purchasing decisions, despite the fact that most cosmetics sales still occur in-store rather than on the website. With the advent of smart mirrors, it's now much easier for beauty consumers to pull up peer reviews from social media and chat up with their friends before heading for any product.

The explosion of AI involves the technological revolution of various aspects in our life. We've witnessed the advent of smart phones, smart television, smart watches, and now it's the turn of smart mirror, which is promising to change the beauty industry.