A large number of women are seeking plastic surgery to fix their "resting bitch faces." Feminists say "disapproval" but we'll get back to it later, let's now head to our topic, seriously, what makes women crave for "resting bitch face" surgery?

Resting bitch face, also recognized as RBF, is a predominantly woman phenomenon that took over the internet in 2013, powered by a humorous viral mock-public service announcement clip named Bitchy Resting Face.

According to certificated plastic surgeons based in New York, in a new surgery trend, several women are increasingly looking for botox and fillers to fix their "resting bitch" faces. Although the word RBF joined the national lexicon about six years earlier, in the last year, the demands for the "more than doubled" operation are increasing. Talking of the motivation behind this trend, Dr David Shafer - Double board-certified plastic surgeon and medical director of Midtown’s Shafer Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre states: "It’s because of a public shift in focus from the upper to lower face popularised by the Kardashians."

Plus, selfies are also among the factors as people have to look down at their phones, which affirms the "resting bitch face," as Shafer's added statement.

Image: New York Post

Hope Davis, a resident of New Jersey who was dissatisfied with her unpleasant look and "joker smile" lately chose to go for the operation to get a more approachable look. Describing her experience, Davis said that there may be a small amount of bruising and swelling close the nose and lips, but it is hardly visible.

Nobody can quite put their finger on it, but they notice something’s different,” reveals Davis. “People have definitely complimented me saying, 'Oh you look so pretty and cute today.'

The word has joined the national lexicon and has rapidly become an easy way to describe individuals with facial expression that acts unintentionally as if the person is annoyed, irritated or furious, especially when the individual is relaxed or does not express any specific emotion. According to reports, American women are increasingly choosing to under the knife to alter their "resting bitch face" and turn it into a more approachable look.

Doctors use methods such as filler injection into the skin and sometimes Botox, medical specialists said, to accomplish the look. Depending on the number of shots, the procedure takes about 10-20 minutes, costs between $500-5,000, with top docs. The procedure usually takes up to two years to complete and even though we're still getting a lot of debate and controversy related to this topic, we agree that "resting bitch face" procedure actually works and helps women get a new pleasant, happy appearance.