The U.S. currently offers mainly two forms of laser eye surgery. These are called PRK and LASIK. LASIK is the much better known of the two, but PRK laser eye surgery has been the first, first used technique and is still very popular and successful today.

Decide what variety of laser eye surgery is right for you with your preferred eye doctor will be the choice you need to make. Nonetheless, there are some variables that might make PRK a better alternative than LASIK to your vision problems.

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How PRK Differs From LASIK?

There is no vast difference between the two procedures when it comes to LASIK and PRK. Both LASIK and PRK are, in fact, safe, and both have low risks for those who qualify. Although the methods are identical, they are differentiated by some distinctions.

One of the distinctions between LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery is that patients with LASIK are recovering more rapidly. Additionally, patients with LASIK can see at a faster rate than patients with PRK. This depends on the patient, but after their treatment, most LASIK patients are cleared to drive the day. This is not the case in patients with PRK.

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LASIK is more expensive than PRK laser eye surgery, but financing is not really a problem. A range of options are available to help make the treatment accessible. Patients are not known to be successful LASIK applicants. Alternatively, these patients are often successful PRK candidates.


There are a number of varied reasons you want to opt for PRK laser eye surgery instead of going with LASIK. If a patient is not eligible for LASIK, including custom and bladeless LASIK, a patient can opt for PRK. People who participate in contact sports and are likely to receive head hits are not recommended for LASIK. This is due to the delicate flap produced during LASIK on the cornea. It takes some time for this flap to heal properly. PRK laser eye surgery is the best solution for your eyes if you play football or are an amateur boxer.

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Your corneas must be thick enough to be a candidate for LASIK. This is one of the LASIK candidacy most important factors. LASIK on a patient with too thin corneas can result in permanent loss of vision. Therefore, PRK laser eye surgery is a better choice for those with unusually thin corneas. PRK is also recommended for patients who are still in need of vision correction. PRK can take longer recovery time to achieve clear vision, but it works! If other LASIK procedures are omitted, PRK is a fantastic option for vision correction.

It's unnecessary to put PRK laser eye surgery and LASIK on scale and decide which procedure is better, the question should be "which is right for you?" Make sure to have a consultation with your eye doctor before making the decision. Your doctor will examine your eyes and recommend you the right procedure.