An honor winning plastic specialist and previous Australia of the Year finalist has been prohibited for a quarter of a year in the wake of engaging in sexual relations with his patient.

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Awarded the Centenary Medal by the Commonwealth Government for administrations to plastic and reconstructive medical procedure, Dr Ian Holten is the founder of Australian Skin Face Body Clinics with four locations in Warrnambool, Geelong, Ballarat and Horsham.

According to the Medical Board of Australia, it was discovered that Dr Holton had intercourse with a lady on his yacht on January 1, 2014. An appointment had been set up before he picked up the lady and drove her to the yacht club. After that he went over the fence to enter the club, drank alcohol and "what would be would be".

The council also found that between July 2011 and January 2014, Dr Holten carried on such that unacceptable conduct, in that he neglected to keep up the professional boundaries between a surgical specialist and his patient.

Over the time of the "professional" relationship, the connection between Dr Holten and his patient was getting more regularly through phone calls and messages, the appointments for coffee, the hangouts on his car together and the discussions over their personal lives as well as patient's challenges. Dr Holten ended the relationship and in instant messages between them it was noticed the lady communicated with outrage, dangers, arguing, pacifying and clear well-wishes.

As a result of his unprofessional actions, Dr Ian Holten has been restricted for 3 months from October 14 this year.