Non surgical rhinoplasty may be popular on social media, but doctors alert that they're not all cracked to be.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty In Comparison To Traditional Nose Job

A rhinoplasty is typically a procedure that improves the shape of the nose. Due to various bruising and swelling, it requires anesthesia and significant healing time, but the effects are permanent. On the other side, a liquid nose job (or non-surgical rhinoplasty), according to Dr. Liotta, uses small needles to insert filler and/or Botox to alter the nose shape without invasive procedures. The results are therefore temporary.

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Social Media Says Yes While Doctors Say "Hold On"

In a conversation with Fox News, Dr. Cangello of Cangello Plastic Surgery in New York City told that selfies have led to a rise of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic facial procedures on the nose.

I think that people are made more self-conscious by the frequency with which they take pictures of themselves. This leads them to seek correction of their perceived imperfections.

While non surgical rhinoplasty is a fairly cheap and easy alternative to surgery, they have some downsides that are often not mentioned, and Dr. Cangello stresses that the treatment shouldn't be seen as a long-term solution. The reason for this statement comes from the inflammation potentially caused by the fillers.

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The filler tends to spread, as in comparison to a solid material it is a type of liquid. Periodic pain from needle injections causes inflammation over time, and the filler material itself triggers an inflammatory reaction. The combination between inflammation and filler's accumulation can lead to unexpected result: a wider and bulkier nose look. Dr.Cangello also warns that people need to be more concerned about the shocking images of transformation on social networks, even if they come from a doctor's post.

People should understand a non-surgical nose job is not as good an option as surgery, and it has its pitfalls. Over time, the cost of filler can add up to be much more than the cost of a rhinoplasty.
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Non surgical rhinoplasty can have zero downtime, however, the real risks certainly exist. And because the risks are serious, a liquid nose job with fillers has not been approved by skilled plastic surgeons as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If you plan for a non surgical rhinoplasty, choose a plastic specialist with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy.