Recent study by the top health and beauty company, Oral-B discovered that 80% of individuals in the UK lose an region of their throat when washing their teeth, which could contribute to severe potential dental problems if not enhanced.

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As a result, Oral-B has worked hard on its new revolutionary toothbrush, the NEW GENIUS X that uses Artificial Intelligence to track the areas you're brushing (and the areas you're not brushing enough) in your mouth to generate personalized feedback through the Oral-B app to show you exactly how to achieve your best brushing results every day.

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The brand's smartest toothbrush yet utilizes AI software to monitor where you're effectively sucking (and not touching enough) in your mouth to produce personalized reviews through the Oral-B app, and to demonstrate you how to get the highest outcomes every day. By recognizing those parts you have missed and assisting to improve your brushing practices, GENIUS X seeks to save valuable time and money on long-term dental care. The app offers advice over moment on how to enhance your brushing practices, training you for a good, happy smile to the greatest standard of care.

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The new Artificial Intelligence Oral-B GENIUS X (RRP: £ 340), has been released in the UK since July 2019, accessible in two amazing colors; a sleek black or metal rose gold style. The fresh intelligent brush also includes a contemporary, sleek travel case that costs the brush as well as a USB phone like a smartphone to make it simpler than ever to navigate with an electric toothbrush.