The skin is thicker around the neck and less elastic than the skin on the face. In skin care regimes and sun protection protocols, neck skin is often ignored. Over time, due to age, gravity, weight loss, and excessive sun exposure, neck skin loses its elasticity. The outcome is loose, hanging skin that can make you look considerably older than you think. A neck lift was born to handle the problem with sagging neck musculature.

However, it is said that neck lift procedure can often lead to an abnormal appearance as a vertical band, particularly in patients with thin skin, can lead in the throat. Many patients complained about bad results they got after having their neck lift done. To obtain a more natural look, plastic specialists recommend a new choice: a mini neck lift procedure.

A mini neck lift is generally an incision in the neck crux, behind the nose. It's well hidden this horizontal incision, the only incision of the procedure. Your surgeon can conduct liposuction through this incision and tighten the muscle of the throat called platysma. In particular, they conduct a platysmaplasty corset that tightens the muscle of the throat like a corset.

Photo by Lucija Ros / Unsplash

Mini neck lift is connected with less bruising, pain, and retrieval times that are quicker than a traditional neck lift. With a single short incision, the signs of aging in both the face and neck are improved. Generally speaking, patients can expect the same type of neck improvement as in a traditional neck lift. In particular, the expected improvements include tightening of slender neck skin, a softening of apparent vertical neck bands and a youthful neck contour.

A mini neck lift operation does not have a "right" age. Younger patients may seek a neck lift to enhance their birth anatomy, such as a brief chin or neck fullness. Older patients may seek a mini neck lift to reverse the changes caused by the aging process. You are an outstanding candidate for a mini neck lift if you want to get rid of the additional skin and fat in your neck and also have a good health. There is a large amount of information to review for a mini neck lift. Therefore, make sure that you get a consultation to go over the risks and complications before giving it a try.