From the early appearance in the mid-1500s to the big trend of our world today, contouring becomes an essential tool in makeup industry as well as in women's everyday life. If you're still trying to figure out the best contouring way so as to match your face shape, let us give you a hand.

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The majority of heart-shaped faces are characterized by a wide forehead and jaw tapering into a narrower and more prominent chin. It's best to begin contouring the front corner close your hairline and bind the greater pigment color down to your eyes to ease your silhouette. Next, soften the bottom part of your neck using the same oil from earlobe to chin — buffing slightly below the jawline. Find your cheekbones in the soft area right below them with your fingertips and shade. Highlight from the temple to the eye's exterior corner for the final step.

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Possessing an oval-shaped face makes your contouring journey fairly easy, compared to other shapes because your cheekbone structure resembles upside-down egg and your face is already sculpted. The only point you need to concentrate on is highlighting. Load the highlighter upper half of the applicator and the contour paper upper part. Align the brush's indentation with your cheekbone and create a Nike swoosh backwards by running the bristles from the temple to just below your apple — flicking the bristles at the end. Then use the brush's highlighter end to extend your nose bridge, internal eye sockets, and cheek ridges. Touch finish by blush. Staub a bright shade over your eyes to add quantity and avoid shallow look.

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For women with diamond-shaped faces, the goal is to "draw the eye and light down the center," says Oquendo, celebrity makeup artist, which helps balance a wider forehead and slender jawline. Shade with the contouring powder first along your entire hairline. Next, use a windshield-wiper movement to apply more contour powder to your eye crease and fill in your cheeks ' hollows. Finally, dip the smooth part of the pen in the highlighter and run it down the internal part of your flap and from the temple just below your eye middle. Et voila!

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If you're face is wider from cheek to cheek, you probably desire to create structure along the jawline and cheekbones to lengthen your silhouette. Create the stretch illusion by contouring the full perimeter of your head with the dark color of dust in your contour palette: blend it under the jawline and chin along the hairline. Then carve out concealed eyes by adding the same color to the upper part of the brush and sweep it down to the corner of your mouth from the center of your ear— stop just below your cheek's cap. Intensify your eyes through the crease of your flap by pushing the contour dust. After putting the smooth part of your brush into the highlight part of the palette, grind the powder down your nose middle and end along the tops of the cheekbones from the temple to the bottom eye corner.