Through many ups and downs of history, mascara has never been lost in the sands of time. The powerful presence of mascara proves the truth that 'without me, your eyes are simply empty.'

The Origin

Mascara has a huge impact on every aspect of beauty industry, but have you ever wondered where it came from? Scientists have found that the earliest evidence of mascara came from Ancient Egypt. During that period, Egyptians applied a mixture of coal, honey and crocodile dung to their eyes to make them more charming. So yes, they literally wear croc poop on their eyes. Egyptian women were obsessed with long, luscious lashes because long eyelashes were the proof of morals and chastity. It was also believed that magic mascara was an ultimate weapon to protect their soul against evil spirits.

The Dawn

The 16th century was marked as the dark ages of makeup in general and mascara was not an exception. Wearing mascara at that time was harshly regarded by the Church, as a sign of witch. But the judgement did not stop women darkening their eyes with this black magic even though there was no significant breakthrough made in the technique.

The Renaissance

When it came to Renaissance period, it came to the revenge of mascara. Mascara became a sign of wealth and power, and only the noble class wore it. English Queen Victoria influenced the trend of every lady style with the makeup and beauty. From the middle to upper class, women spent hours per day applying black mascara and cosmetics just to have the Queen's look.

Eugene Rimmel and The New Mascara

No more coal and berries, mascara came up with a new look. The talented Eugene, 'the prince of parfum', created non-toxic mascara in 1913 and the product made a huge leap forward in cosmetic industry. Women no longer had to worry about losing their eyesight due to toxic additives in their 'ex-mascara'. By using a small brush and rub it into mascara, it is now easier to use compared to the ancient method of applying it.

Don't Forget Maybelline

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Two years after the naissance of new mascara, a 19-year-old entrepreneur Tom Lyle Williams founded Maybelline cosmetic brand. With similar ideas as Rimmel, Williams created 'Maybelline Cake Mascara' and his mascara became exceedingly famous in beauty industry. Maybelline, maybe mascara is the greatest invention since lipstick.

And Of Course Helena Rubinstein!

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Helena Rubinstein was known for spreading mascara culture throughout the globe. This woman knew how to make it promoted by popular movie stars and influencers. Most American women would watch movie stars and desired to look like them in beauty, hairstyle and even in mascara. Such a wizard of marketing!