Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that flattens the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and strengthening the underlying muscle. In a couple of weeks, many people can recover. There are practical things you can do during the first few months as you recover from your surgery to prevent pain from starting and to reduce your pain if you have any.

Maintain Physical Activity: You should keep doing simple daily tasks as you recover like get up and walk around your home on a regular basis. This is advised to reduce your risk of forming dangerous blood clots, as well as keeping you from staying too long in one spot, which can make it uncomfortable when you eventually get up and move.

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Avoid Extreme Exercise: As you recover and your wounds are healing, you should not put pressure on your incisions by engaging in physical activity or lifting heavy objects for at least six weeks or until your doctor gets approval. If you want to start or return to challenging exercises once you're fully recovered after tummy tuck surgery, it's a good idea to maintain a certain level of fitness throughout your recovery period by walking for exercise.

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Smoking Alert: You should stop using cigarettes to improve the tummy tuck healing process. Nicotine severely affects the ability of the body to heal. This causes blood vessels to expand, making it more difficult to carry oxygen to the skin cells at the site of the incision, thereby slowing the process of healing.

No Smoking
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Avoid Constipation: If you don't eat because of vomiting and exhaustion, you may be constipated. Drugs for narcotic pain can cause constipation, leading to abdominal pain. Try eating high-fiber food and drinking plenty of fluid in order to avoid constipation. You may need to take over-the-counter or prescription medication if vomiting or constipation continues.

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Overall, a tummy tuck can be well tolerated. However, and it does exist certain risks and side effects, including discomfort. You should be ready for one to two months of recovery if you are preparing to have a tummy tuck, and you may experience pain all this time.