From cinema to fashion shows, from stage and screen to real life, it's undeniable that the work of makeup artist potentially turns impossible mission into incredible magic. Over the latest years, makeup profession has become a dream for many young talents who may once desire to engage in this so-called "wonderland."

But "this is not a wonderland and you may not Alice", makeup world does not resemble "la vie en rose" and challenges sometimes come in harsher way. Hold your brush and zoom in the hidden challenges behind this magnificence.

Being a makeup artist means that you have to sacrifice your holidays frequently. For most of people, holidays equal to party time and there's nothing better than seeking a help from makeup artists to transform into more flawless look. Traveling should also be considered before you seek for a chance in this field as sometimes you have to go for business trips in few days or weeks. Moreover, the real working hours can be long and unpredictable. Patience and passion, therefore, are obviously important. You additionally need to sacrifice your available time in practise and collaboration.

Besides doing makeup, there is plenty of other works involved including running your business and building your makeup artists' network. Agents can help you with promotion however you need to invest in trustworthy and qualified ones. A good marketing campaign plays a huge role in the success of your business while making connections to a group of fellow artists is essential to get professional help or training.

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It is advisable to attend workshops and courses provided by professional makeup artists, so as to enhance your network and start learning from the best. Having a proper kit with high quality makeup is a necessity. This can take you some time to seek, check, do trials and products constantly need to be replaced which is a regular expense.

Understanding is the ability to listen to your customers' needs and to make them understand your advise, to make them trust your skills. According to many makeup artists, this is one of the hardest thing of being in this industry. Customers have tendency to push what they thought good on them when in fact it is not. Always be prepared to explain and translate terms to your customers.

Photo by Charisse Kenion / Unsplash

Are you able to take rejection? Remember, not all customers are going to be nice and whether you work for a makeup service company or freelance on your own, treat your customers as your friends. Try not to "bite" annoying customers, keep your patience, stay cool and work professionally. Not everyone you work with will love your style or have the same working style as you. Always do your best to problem solve and make everyone happy.