The Kardashians have had a significant effect from the way people dress and how their looks show up to the world. That being said, their impact on the appearance of women extends beyond the ground and into the domain of plastic surgery. So much so that the impact of Kardashians becomes a social thing, for the latest trend of Kardashian-esque enhancements, many plastic surgeons have an official title: the Kardashian effect.

Make Me Kim K'Ass

Unporn: Butt
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Forget all gymnastique stuff, "big ass done fast." The Kardashians affected a range of plastic operation processes— one of the most famous is the Brazilian butt lift. The Brazilian butt lift can assist nurses attain a Kim K with a focus on improving the backside's general size, shape, and perkiness. Without the squats on the back and genetics features.

Plus Desirable Boobs

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It is true that flat-chested appearance is elegant, but come on who doesn't want more desirable breast? Raise your hand, you must be kidding. "Breast implants" are familiar term as there's a huge amount of celebrities heading for it. But Kardashians are those making boob job more popular and of course...normalized.

And Inject My Lips With Fillers

Wood decoration design
Lip concept
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Another technique that got a popularity slope? Lip enhancements. If you compare the early pictures of Kardashian and Jenner to those in the distant memories, you may find a substantial shift in their lips form. In specific, Kylie Jenner has moved from getting a tiny upper lip to a complete, plump pout.

But Hey Do I Need To Consider The Risks?

The point of Kardashian effect is not surgical procedures in details, it's too common, instead, it is the inside: the courageousness to go under the knife and the willingness to embrace it as a normal part. As with other procedures, the risks are sometimes unavoidable, you always pay serious attention on whatever the surgeries can happen after choosing to alter your appearance.

The risk concerned is not only at what you look, but at what you feel as well, in the meantime, in the next few years or even the rest of your life. Dr.Wright Jones, founder of Muse Plastic Surgery, stated:

"It is highly unlikely that the patient will look exactly like a particular celebrity.” And he added “although surgeons can make specific anatomic changes, there will still be numerous factors that cannot be altered."

Who knows if one day you wake up and may feel unpleasant with your transformed look from 5 or 10 years ago? It might be too late to travel back in time.

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