A perfect skin is a dream of every women and men. During the cleaning process of our beauty routine, we all need indiscriminately specific treatment, which always means trying to improve your regular skin care with appropriate items that can meet all our needs. The new FOREO LUNA Mini 3 has available functions to get you out of the skin problems.

credit: Foreo

If you want to keep your skin smooth and soft, you've probably heard about the innovative brushes from FOREO's line of cleaning tools that have changed the way more than 20 million people are cleaning around the world. You know that when a LUNA is sold around the world once every 1.3 seconds at the moment, it must be good stuff!

FOREO improved silicone facial brush, the ultimate in personalized cleaning, uses stronger silicone bristles than its predecessor, which direct up to 8,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute to effectively remove dust, grease, and make up residue every day. The rechargeable machine is combined with an app to allow it to be customized to your unique skin needs–whether you're feeling dry or oily, simply select the app to suit your needs.

credit: getthegloss.com

But it doesn't end there, the LUNA Mini 3 now features a' Find My Luna ' function that lets you track it down in your skin care drawers, is 25% smoother and 35 times more hygienic as well. Eventually, the mini also has an all-new Glow Boost cleaning mode that helps you to clean, glowing skin in just 30 seconds.

It doesn't matter if you've just completed a sweaty workout, danced at the hottest club the night away, or returned home from an arduous day of work – with this new device you're going to be rewarded with that cleaner feeling and fresh skin. Bonus points for their adorable size – perfect for modern women on the go, and especially easy to throw in your gym bag.

(Cover photo: Grazia.hr)