No matter you want to improve your appearance or to correct a deformity, an otoplasty can always help you.

An otoplasty, also called an ear surgery or ear pinning, is a surgical procedure, usually performed at any after the ears stopped growing (typically from 6 to 14). Ear pinning can also be done for adults. It is an outpatient procedure, meaning hospital is not the unique option, you can do it under local or general anesthesia, totally depending on the complexity of the procedure. An ear pinning is more common during childhood but is it fine to get it as an adult?

  • Understand The Reasons

Life is too short to feel self-conscious about how you look like. If you’ve noticed your self-esteem decreasing due to the size or the shape of your ears, you may want to consider an ear pinning. Moreover, if prominent ears affect your daily lives, as in the situation with wearing helmet or headgear, an ear pinning is a good option to make you feel less distracted about that.

  • The Possibility of Ear Pinning

Commonly, ear pinning is performed on children. However, contingent upon your precise position, the surgical procedure can be done on adults. Surgical techniques vary based on your goals, your surgeon will evaluate and determine whether or not you are a good candidate for ear pinning during the consultation.

  • The Benefits Worth The Try

Ear pinning is normally safe and the results are usually permanent. Most of the procedures have finished successfully with high satisfaction rates. A research from Germany showed that people who underwent an ear surgery felt they had an improved quality of life after the surgical procedure. As Andreas Naumann from Department of Otorhinolaryngology stated:

The results [...] showed a significantly improved attitude towards life, increased courage to face life, and better self confidence among the patients, with no difference between male and female subjects.

Whether you opt for reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, it’s essential to plan realistic expectations about what you can achieve through the procedure. Ear pinning can change the appearance of ears, making them less prominent, smaller, stick out less or even fixing the position or shape of uneven ears. More importantly, your self-confidence will be boosted with your new look.