October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual initiative involving millions of organisations will emphasize the importance of breast awareness, research and education. While the spirit of this campaign has reached at fever pitch, we feel the urge to bring up our new topic of the all-time question: Is there a link between breast reduction and breast cancer?

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What Do The Folks Say?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women around the planet. A huge amount of medical techniques is developed to treat breast cancer and breast reduction is among those solutions, the folks believe it can work and they surely have their points.

According to a study released in issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, women at high risk of developing breast cancer can choose to undergo a breast reduction as an alternative treatment. Although the total removal of a woman's breasts may minimize the risk of developing this potentially fatal disease, it is extremely difficult for most women to choose whether to remove their breasts. Women may now have an additional risk-reducing option, based on this study, to diminish rather than remove their breasts. This is a real alternative for someone who is a breast reduction candidate even though the amount of tissue removed may be minimal.

For the majority of women with a high inherited susceptibility to breast cancer, completely removing their breasts is not a desirable option as primary prevention. This study strongly indicates that women, who are breast reduction candidates, can choose to have their breasts reduced instead, thus decreasing their chance of developing breast cancer, explained Leroy Young, author of the study and chair of ASPS Emerging Trends Committee.

Breast Reduction And Breast Removal

The link exists, breast reduction surgery can make sense for breast cancer candidates, however, when dealing with breast cancer, we can't just cut out the inside of the breast, then put in a breast implant and get the job done. While with Angelina Jolie, breast reduction properly worked; with other patients, breast cancer situation remains with a high complexity and a breast reduction is not always effective and necessary. In most cases, cancer cells may linger and it's easy for surgeons to miss some cancerous tissue in breast reduction operation. All of the breast tissue has to be removed so as to prevent the relapse and cutting off the whole breast is the safest option.

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Breast reduction is a reasonable and safe choice for early breast cancer patients who want breast maintenance therapy with macromastia. The surgical infection to the breast and the resulting scar tissue do not increase the risk of cancer. Though breast size is not a key predictor of the cancer risk, reducing it may have a significant effect in lowering the risk of breast cancer growth. Like many types of plastic or reconstructive surgery, it can be a deeply personal experience to undergo breast reduction. But it can have a positive impact on any woman who decides to undergo the procedure.

The hard-fought battle against breast cancer is still going on and as medical techniques is getting more advanced everyday, we believe the day breast cancer is completely eradicated will come anytime soon.