The French-based "techno-poetic" house has launched their scented temporary tattoo and we're pretty sure you're not hearing a joke. Yes, a tattoo with fragrance.

Image: Diptyque

Whether you're a perfume fan or not, it's undeniable that the return of scented tattoos seems unexpectedly awesome. How creative our human beings are. Now back to Diptyque. It's 21st century and most of us wear perfumes by spraying them in our bodies. But people in the past used to wear fragrances in a complete different way. It was prevalent for individuals to wear fragrant jewelry on their belt or neck in the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance.

The French luxury perfumer Diptyque was inspired by these historical ways of transmitting fragrance by creating its newest product line, "Prêts-à-Parfumer", which was launched on August 29 on its website. The fresh range includes sticker tattoos, a bracelet, and a brooch, all of which are completely calibrated to emit scent when placed on.

Image: Diptyque

The tattoos come in three of the iconic scents of Diptyque and are available in three models: Do Son (a Tuberose flower), Eau Rose (an obvious rose) and L'Ombre dans L'Eau (a Swan). Diptyque pushes the limit of the perfumed products one notch higher. And by far, we all may get the idea wrong: three motifs like Chinese shades, placed in the hollow of the neck, on the wrist or behind the ear, are quite similar to tattoos. We must get closer to distinguish the scent of these matte satin patches, which each diffuses one of the signature scents of Diptyque.

The concept is to apply the tattoo / sticker to your body region — like your wrist, neck, or shoulder - and enjoy spreading the fragrance all day long. Plus, it is possible to reuse each (there are five in a pack) various times. These new products potentially serve functional purpose, particularly a great solution for those people who find strong fragrances overwhelming as the smell doesn't stay on our bodies once we remove them. A personal product for your own without overwhelming people around you.