A new report showed that 96% of the videos produced by AI contain female celebrities edited into porn.

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The term "deepfake" is used to describe a form of digitally manipulated images, most of the conversation focuses on the effects of deepfake technology to spread fake news and potentially even destabilize elections, particularly the upcoming U.S. 2020 election. Although deepfake innovation represents a threat to everyone, it becomes increasingly dangerous for women. The artificial intelligence-created videos are gradually being used for wrongdoing from producing realistic nudes to making revenge porn. Now, a new report verified what we knew already: women around the world are at risk.

96% of all deepfake videos feature women, most of whom are celebrities "suddenly turned" into porn stars without their permission, according to a Deeptrace Labs study. When it comes to the top four websites dedicated to hosting this form of sexually explicit video, 100% of the topics are female, targeting about 850 people. Such websites received a total of 134 million views, which indicates the altered videos' surprising scope. In this study, professor and author Danielle Citron mentioned:

Deepfake technology is being weaponized against women by inserting their faces into porn. It is terrifying, embarrassing, demeaning, and silencing. Deepfake sex videos say to individuals that their bodies are not their own, and can make it difficult to stay online, get or keep a job, and feel safe.
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As well as dedicated deepfake porn sites, 802 of the fake videos have been posted on adult mainstream websites, meaning that viewers may not know the content they are viewing is doctored. British actresses are most targeted, followed by singers from South Korea and actresses from the United States. Despite women who make up the majority of deepfake porn, the subjects of YouTube videos produced by AI are 61 percent male, with the material not pornographic but commentary-based. The laboratory also reported that over the past year, the number of deepfakes online has nearly doubled, from 7,964 in 2018 to 14,678 today.

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Although deepfake tech is commonly used against politicians, public figures, and actors, it obviously poses a huge threat to female stars who probably have no idea that online posting altered pornographic videos featuring their faces. Since the technology already exists, it is rarely possible to do much to prevent such videos from appearing. Technology can't fix the problem itself, government's action, stronger laws or even a defensive technology are everything we can expect in this fight against deepfake pornography.