Inspired by the famous youth elixir of Queen Isabella of Hungary, Caudalie Beauty Elixir is everything you need to pursuit a refreshing yet healthy skin.

The complexion care reduces dullness and contains tonic rosemary, astringent mint and soothing rose essential oil to prepare skin for future care. Caudalie Beauty Elixir also contains grape extracts and purifying ingredients to give instant radiance to the face.

Created more than 20 years ago following the precious formula of the youth elixir of Queen Isabella of Hungary, the formula half water, half -tonic, put on more than 99% of ingredients of natural origin handpicked. The ingredients including rose, peppermint or orange blossom which, mixed with extracts of grape pulp, form an explosive cocktail to energize, soothe, tone tired faces.

The therapeutic scent of organic essential oils of mint, rose and rosemary invigorates the skin during the day. Spray the product in the office when you have a little slack to give you a boost, and in the evening to refresh your makeup, as if you just apply it.


Popular with celebrities and makeup artists from around the world, Caudalie Beauty Elixir is the ideal fixative between layers of makeup to ensure a smooth, long-lasting finish. Also an excellent after-shave for men, the formula contains essential oils and plant extracts to clarify and brighten the complexion. As a customer reviewed:

This stuff is magic. Used it for many years and it is one of my staples when I need to refresh my face, or even during my skincare routine. I even take it on holiday and spray it on my face to cool down. I've also used it mixed in with make up before and also once I ran out of eyeliner so I used a spray of this on my brush and black eye-shadow and made an eyeliner and it stayed all day! Miracle stuff!

This product is not tested on animals, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin and without synthetic chemical, artificial fragrance, gluten, GMO and fillers. On the surface of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir formula, you will notice a small halo of darker liquid. This is simply the natural essential oil components of Beauty Water that have separated from the aqueous components due to the lack of chemical emulsifiers in the product. Simply shake the mist before spraying the product to mix the elements.