As popular culture becomes progressively excited over the feminism, flat-chested girls is considered as a new trend of elegant look. However, no matter how hard people put in the comparison between large “boobs” and flat “chest”, exists deep down inside most of women’s mind, a desire of possessing sexier or even bigger breasts.

While there are numerous procedures for breast enhancement, many people can’t feel completely comfortable committing to expensive and risky surgery like breast implants or fat transfer breast enhancement. Worry no more because there’re now 3 options for you to enhance your breast without surgery!

1.     Breast Enhancement Food

The most common way to enhance your breast without surgery is to take control of the food you consume everyday. Lacking of estrogen is one of reasons for small breast. Opt for breast enhancement food with rich source of estrogen. Top choices are dairy products, soy milk or soy beans.


This is the much safer yet risk-free way to stimulate your breast growth. Other helpful food is nuts, seeds, papaya, leafy green vegetable, tofu, olive oil, avocados and sea food. The problem with these food is that they can make you gain weight lately. As a result, you enhance your breast, but your belly can get larger too. Therefore, make sure that you get a limited amount which is enough for your body need.


Vitamin supplements are also a great solution in case breast enhancement food is hard to absorb into your body. Again, remember to take control of everything you consume, especially with vitamin supplements. Supplements are not replacements, before dive right in them, have in mind all the needed instructions or follow your doctor’s recommendations.

2. Massage for Benefits

Whether you believe it or not, massaging your breast with right techniques is also a method for breast enhancement. A regular massage will slightly stimulate the increased production of prolactin which is responsible for breast enhancement. Don’t forget to add creams or lotions when massaging your breast, it’s important to promote the size. In addition to creams, there are herbal oils that claim the same affect. Your breasts can enhance yet smell good, why not?


Be cautious before applying any of these solutions as well as any allergic diseases you may caught due to ingredients in your creams, lotions or herbal oils.

3.     Work-out for Growth

Get out of your bed and push yourself into a daily work-out routine. Practicing to work out more often not only helps improve your breast size without surgery but makes your body benefit in many ways as well. There’s a couple of exercises than can be useful such as:

  • Push-ups
  • Dumbbells lifting
  • Wall Press

The key is to choose the exercises which focus on your breast area. It is advisable that you ask your gym instructor to guide you through if you experience any trouble with your work-out routine.

Having breast enhancement without surgery is never a “mission impossible”. Understand your body needs to choose the effective and comfortable ways for the best breast enhancement results. And my ladies, no matter you are with flat-chested club or big “boob” club, remember you have to be always confident in the way you are and the way you will be.