Established in 1976, the Californian brand has figured out how to stand out in the world of cosmetic without any extreme advertising plan or support from glamorous spokesmodel. The strategy behind this success is a brilliant use of the word-of-mouth and the power of new media.

At first best known for its foundation items, bareMinerals has now settled itself as a worldwide makeup brand. The collection is now spreading from eye shadows, blushers, to lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras. Strikingly, it is the main brand of mineral makeup originating from over the Atlantic to have effectively dealt with an achievement in Europe. For a long time, the Californian organization has would not enlist spokesmodels or to follow predefined excellence guidelines. The brand puts effortlessness at the core of its bareMinerals image: guidance fitting every lady and their skin types. The objective is basic and driven: "grow close ties and complicity with consumers".

via PinksCharming

It's not a big surprise when bareMinerals becomes so active on social networks. Understanding the role of Facebook as an incredible sounding board and a new transfer to the shopping background, the brand succeeds in using this tool to achieve their goal. Additionally, the impact of media, particularly YouTube is a significant solution for brand campaign. Numerous videos of young ladies making short makeup courses and testing simultaneously make their latest purchase reach at huge levels of audience. The success of bareMinerals is not just built from social network's effect, it also comes from the cooperation with beauty bloggers as the brand highly evaluates their reactive yet professional and respectful working attitude.

The cosmetic market is a world of fierce competition and the survivors are those who truly put customer experience and product's quality beyond their own benefits, people behind bareMinerals are keep surviving and working hard to offer the best products for women on this planet.