2019 is half over, now it’s the right time to fast forwards to the year of 2020. In its latest whitepaper, Global trend authority WGSN has revealed four game-changing trends that will drive the beauty industry in the coming year. Let’s have a quick look over four key themes that will shape the face of beauty industry in 2020.

  • The All-inclusive Customer

One size fits all? Not any longer. Brands are as of now creating item extends that administration an increasingly assorted arrangement of requirements and skin tones. From the L'Oreal crusade for the outwardly hindered to driving cosmetic brands growing their establishment shading reach to provide all skin tones as needed, in the following 5 years we will see a great deal of development for diversity celebration.

  • The Always On Assistant

You still remember the virtual “Magic Mirror”? Launched by Charlotte Tilbury, this tool plays a role as an assistant to try make-up appearance. This trend will make a big movement in client journey with more innovation. With genetics qualities testing making bespoke contributions, which will to a great extent be conveyed on the web, the physical retail space will take on an alternate sort of job, concentrating on training, occasions and excitement to drive footfall into stores.

  • Next Generation Genetics

A trend based on DNA analysis? Sounds a little bit creepy, doesn’t it? The new personalisation depends on genetics qualities – items customized to fit into every aspect of customer life and DNA become perpetually significant. Inspired by the well-being and prosperity pattern, shoppers will get a rundown of experimentally chosen healthy skin elements for them, prescribed dependent on their DNA analysis that should be possible with a cheek swab.

  • Nature Hacking

Think about water-free solutions, refillable makeup items and plant shading. Beauty brands are heading to create products with nature friendly ingredients and assembling techniques, just as bringing issues to light around ecological difficulties with drawing in and straightforward battles.

Nature Hacking alludes to a stripped-back, natural and economical offering, for example, proteins from salmon and rapeseed squander for supplement-rich skincare, or beautifiers colored utilizing red radish, pink sweet potato and elderberries.