Butt lift surgery (Brazilian butt lift) is one of the most popular procedure to build a more fulfilled look in your backside. The successful result of butt lift is obviously attractive, but the question is: Are you brave enough to face to the most dangerous surgery in the world?

Butt lift is a procedure that upgrades your gluteal area, providing you with an elevated and shapelier butt. Brazilian butt lift is touted for giving increasingly normal looking outcomes while additionally making more roundness in your rear. Along with the benefits, the procedure also has serious problem behind that you might consider.

First of all, butt lift is not like that you go to a clinic and ask for "lift my butt please" but it's more complex. The procedure might be reducing the size of the posterior or re-shaping the backside, making it firmer or giving it more attractive contours. Talking of butt lift is talking of adding more volume to the backside and giving it a better shape. The procedure often involves taking a person’s own body fat and adding it to the buttocks. This usually means taking fat from what is called a “donor area”, which is often either the love handles, the thighs or the stomach. But it could also mean putting synthetic implants into the backside, which carries more risks and is very rare in the USA.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2017, the average cost of a butt lift was $5,113. If you go for the cheapest butt surgery out there you might be putting yourself at risk. Death is the worst complication on the list and it's happened. There is a news of a 72-year-old Thai woman who apparently died after having an allergic reaction to the anesthetic in a Bangkok plastic surgery clinic. And in the U.S., over 5 years, 25 people died as a result of having that surgery. The first of the deaths of the British women receiving butt lift surgery in 2018 happened in Turkey. The beautician from Leeds in the north of England had travelled to a place that apparently had celebrity clientele. She paid around $3,900 for the procedure. The mother of three didn’t make it home and according to her partner he was still waiting for answers as to how exactly she died.

Even if you're not one of the people that died after the surgery, it doesn't mean you are home-safe. Trauma always waits there. In 2018, a 23-year-old lady from Wales said she had flied to Turkey to get her butt done, and she didn't lie. But few months later, there were holes that had formed in her backside and they was leaking. Consequently, the trauma prevented her from walking properly for ages, the leaking made a mess of her clothes.

So, would we like a sexier lifted butt? Yes. Is it worth risking death? Hell no! If you have to choose butt lift, choose wisely because you surely don't want to end up looking much worse than before or end up with a death. Never opt for a cheap surgery with shady surgeons.