There are many reasons for plastic surgery, especially procedures such as a facelift or an increase in the breast. One of them is to enhance facial appearance, but for health reasons, such as treating a disease or a birth defect, many of them can actually be.

But regardless of whether you are one of 56 percent of people who come to their plastic surgeons looking for facial aesthetics to get their cheekbones back, or looking for rhinoplasty to improve nasal breathing, you need to keep it. The procedure and the improvements will not end as soon as you recover from the knife. Maintain plastic surgery results is essentiel.

Here are 5 helpful tips on how the post-surgery results can be managed successfully:

Sun Protection

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Keep your skin protected under the sun is the first basic step to maintain your plastic surgery results. Many cosmetic procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) that leave the skin in a damaged and vulnerable state, making it more vulnerable to long-term sun exposure damage. It is extremely important to protect the skin from UV rays to reduce the appearance of wounds as healing incision sites. Practice effective sunscreen: wear a high SPF sunscreen, avoid going outside during peak UV hours, and wear sun glasses and wide-borded hats.

Skin Care

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Thinking of maintaining post-surgery results without good skin care? Well think again. Proper skin care, particularly immediately after the operation, may make a major difference in scarring. Great skin care will make you look as good or even better than ever before. Scarring is likely to occur, and while your doctor may do his utmost to keep your skin fairly mark-free, the process of recovery and healing is on you. You need to drink water to avoid straining the bruises and incisions. Sun protection is also a part of skin care.

Healthy Diet

After two weeks of living on bourbon and donuts (okay, fine. Two and a half.) I decided it was time to kick myself into healthy gear. Pulled out favorite fresh veggies, drizzled with sesame oil, rice vinegar and a kiss coconut aminos. And reminded myself that fast food doesn’t have to come from a drive thru.
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Patients must maintain their weight after the operation in order to maintain the effects of liposuction and abdominoplasty. Probably the most important factor in staying fit is eating a healthy and balanced diet. Try not to eat foods that are often high in saturated fats and sugars. Instead, choose a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein along with a moderate amount of milk.

Exercise Regularly

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Patients will need to exercise regularly in addition to a balanced diet in order to preserve their newly contoured body. Try to practice every day for 30-60 minutes, allowing yourself an occasional day of rest. Patients may need to start slowly after their procedure and build up to their routine of pre-procedure. See this post on plastic surgery exercise.

Healthy Lifestyle

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Such healthy lifestyle decisions also need to be made long after the surgery if you aim to maintain post-surgery results. Drink water above all else, avoid carbonated or high sodium beverages, avoid smoking and limit alcohol. A healthy body is a faster and stronger healing body than an unhealthy body. And you can only benefit from the outcome of your surgery so your facial aesthetics.

Plastic surgery is an important investment. Fantastic final results make it really pay off for patients wasting all the time, energy and money on cosmetic surgery. Nevertheless, patients with plastic surgery must know that they will also need to invest in preserving the effects of their plastic surgery years after their operation. Patients risk negating some or all of the hard-earned outcomes that have been achieved without this effort. By living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it is always possible to maintain your new look for the long haul.