Been struggling to find the best makeup solution for your dark skin? These 5 tips can help you possess a flawless yet healthy skin tone as you always wish.

  1. Choose Right Foundation

Foundation play an important role for your makeup, so make sure to choose the right one which matches your natural skin tone. It is also advisable to use 2 shades of foundation including a lighter one for the center and the natural tone for the rest of your face. Your skin will turn brighter. Try not to use transparent powder as it can turn your skin into grayish.

2. Moisturizer

If you are experiencing a very bad problem with skin dryness, check your moisturizer carefully. Make sure you apply a good moisturizer to keep your face and body well-hydrated, especially after your daily shower. This can make you look fresher and glower.

3. Sunscreen

Whether you believe it or not, darker skin does not mean that your skin will be safer under the effect of sun rays. Many dark-skinned beauties are misconceiving the problem of harmful UV rays affection. So remember to put your sunscreen on before going out.

4. Concealer

To neutralize the obstinate blemishes under the eyes, apply a concealer along the highest points of your cheekbones towards the tip of your eyebrows. It's pretty much like drawing a triangle. This shape disguises dark circles, yet it also instantly help attract the light by carrying warmth to that region.

5. Highlighter

There's nothing we adore more than a smooth highlighter that wears like a face polish. To give the hallucination of bigger eyes, apply the highlighter under your brow bone. Once you finish this part, pat a little spot in the middle of apple of your cheeks. At that point press the highlighter onto your forehead pursued by your high plane of the face and jaw.

6. Lipsticks

Selecting the right color for your lips is not a big problem anymore. Invest on the colors like beige, coffee, chocolate, soft pink, plums, berry, burgundy, and gold. Avoid lipsticks with a frosty finish or ones that are too glossy. You don't have to be afraid to wear bold colors, red lipstick can also rock your look.

7. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup was created to feature your eyes and improves your looks. For casual daytime, it's ideal to keep away from lively or brilliant shades and go for subtle shades like tans, pinks, and dim eyeshadows, supplemented with heaps of mascara. For a night event or a formal occasion, attempt shades like blue, purple, greens or other shades like burgundy, prunes, copper, and tans. These shades look astounding on dark skin and are certain to make you stand out as a diva!

Dark skin is wonderful and you must be proud of it. Keep those 5 makeup tips with you whenever you want to have a flawless goddess look.