Say goodbye to blue sea and sunny sky, these lazy days laying down on bed all day or playing out with no care about the time passing, it's time for back-to-school season. The first important to focus this fall is breakfast. A healthy breakfast not only helps you start a your new day with full of energy, but also makes you look completely fresher.

Danielle Copperman, a model and certificated nutritionist, shares 5 key ingredients for a healthier breakfast in her book "Well Being". Are you ready for a new season?

Let's Start With Cider Vinegar First!

What is a perfect detox drink to begin a new day? A mixture of cider vinegar, water and lemon is everything you need for morning. You can have it both hot and cold. Scientific research demonstrates that cider vinegar can support your weight loss process, lower blood sugar levels as well as improve symptoms of diabetes. So jump out of your bed and wake your body up with this drink.

Have You Heard About Ashwagandha?

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You may not know but Ashwagandha is considered as an incredible medicinal herb. It is asserted to result in all kinds of advantages, many of which are scientifically endorsed. These benefits include energy enhancement, concentration increase and anti-cancer ability. This "Indian ginseng" addresses the body's needs in real time, combating stress while boosting the skin tone and body.

How About Cacao Instead Of Coffee?

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Cacao provides many health advantages worth learning about. Cacao is an instant boost which can make coffee optional. In addition to stimulating, it is also a powerful antioxidant that regulates mood and lowers stress. If you're searching for a good morning change, consider swapping for cacao instead one of your standard coffee cup.

He Shou Wu - Your New Boo

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Mixed with hot water, He Shou Wu delivers all its energizing and antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals. Renowned for reducing stress, this herb also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and helps maintain healthy physical and mental functions. The perfect substitute for coffee in short.

And Don't Forget Granola

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Composed of rolled oats, granola is an incredibly common breakfast and snack food with a wealth of health advantages including lowering cholesterol, regulating digestion, helping to lose weight, and improving heart health. It also helps to boost energy, deter anemia, and encourage adequate functioning of the organ. You can create your own granola meal with yogurt, smoothie, milk or even salad.