Cosmetic surgery is a medical special procedure focused on enhancing appearance as well as improving human’s body. At first, this sort of medical procedure was just performed after injury to the body. During the time, people started selecting it to enhance their appearance so as to improve self-confidence and feel more satisfied with themselves.

Think you know all about cosmetic surgery? Well think again, because these 5 facts below can amaze you.

1.     Roman Soldiers Used to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery


Nowadays, most cosmetic procedures are performed to cover up deep marks or scars. When a mark or scar becomes visible, people around may take a look and comment about it, which has a bad impact on your self-confidence.

Back to these ancient days in Rome, a scar or a mark also got soldiers concerned but for a completely different reason. Brave soldiers didn’t want to have it because it’s a sign of disloyalty that they turned their back and were on enemy’s side. As a result, Roman soldiers underwent cosmetic procedure to remove this mark of disgrace.

2.     The First Breast Enhancement


The first breast increase procedure was not performed for vanity reasons. A German experienced the procedure subsequent to having a growth removed. The growth from her back was evacuated during the medical procedure and transplanted to her breast.

3.     Nose Job


Thanks to to Michael Jackson, the nose job becomes acceptable and famous, but he clearly wasn’t the first person to get his nose altered. In fact, the first nose surgery was done in India around the year 600 B.C. During the procedure, skin was expelled from different pieces of the body to reshape the nose.

4.     Ancient Egyptians Performed Cosmetic Surgery On The Dead

Another interesting fact about cosmetic procedure is that it was initially used on the dead body and not the living. The Egyptians accepted that an individual would appear to be identical in existence in the afterlife as they did in this world thus they made alterations for improving their remarkable features. They believed that it would later help people recognize their loved ones in the afterlife.

5.     More and More Men are Opting for Cosmetic Procedures

There is no denying that cosmetic procedure has been most common with ladies. Many ladies will do any surgery to preserve their youthfulness and to slow ageing. Teenagers who were unsatisfied with their eyes, nose or any other parts also search for the practice.

Nonetheless, according to industry specialists, for example, Cosmeditour, men are also inspired by restorative medical procedure nowadays, and are really pulling practically even in numbers. From the get-go, just around 9% of the cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on men, yet there has been a half increment in the numbers and the figures keep on rising each day.