Whether it's an professional meeting or a happy date out, something always happens that needs a touch of makeup. Here are 5 multitasking lipsticks capable of transforming your whole face.

RMS Beauty Lip Shine

credit: Anthropologie

It's time for purity: a touch of brightness on your lips is both sensual and nourishing now. This colorful lipstick includes nutrient-rich buriti oil. These lip shines provide extracellular antioxidant protection because of their natural fatty acids and vitamin A and C characteristics. This lipstick is ideal for your lips or even cheeks and lids with a touch of brightness and color thanks to sheer mineral pigments. The packaging and non-stick formula ensure that you can easily apply it on the go.

Jeffree Star Cosmetic Velour Liquid Lipstick

Photo by Jeffree Star

Try to use this cults favorite as a colorful eye liner for a suitable-yet-bold look. The best-selling formula glides smoothly, leaving a courageous, matte finish behind. Plus, you're sure to find the perfect one for both your eyes and lips with the range of colors available. Unexpected ideal lipstick of Jeffree Star.

Surratt Beauty Automatique Lip Crayon

credit: Beauty Passionista

The Automatic Lip Crayon of Surratt Beauty is an effortless way of creating a glamorous red lip. This timeless shade has a crayon's intense saturation without a sharpener being needed. The lightweight formula has a matte finish and keeps hydrated and smooth your pout impression. This lip crayon will leave your lips a balmy feel and be perfect whenever you need a touch of color on your lips, cheeks or even lids.

Sulwhasoo Essential Lip Serum

Sulwhasoo Essential Lip Serum Stick contains moisturizing compounds from camellia and safflower oil to nourish dry lips, creating a long-lasting protective layer with two layers of oil and water. At the same time apricot kernel oil in lipstick enhances elasticity, anti-wrinkle lips. There're many bright colors for you to choose.