Finding a solution for your skin during summer is a piece of cake because now we have Clarins. Let's check out what can make Clarins' new products be your new favorite items.

1. An Innovation of Filters

To provide optimal protection and the most beautiful tanning to the whole customer, the Clarins specialists have selected the best organic filters authorized by the European regulatory standards. Even more powerful than the previous ones, these new nuggets with increased photostability absorb the rays before they penetrate the skin. The products provide overall protection against different UVA and UVB rays. Clarins’ goal is to limit their concentration while verifying their perfect tolerance and their total harmlessness towards the corals. And to enhance the antioxidant action that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and spots, a derivative of tocopherol has been added in the formulas of facial protection.

2. An Advanced Cellular Protection

In addition to the filters, a complex of herbal extracts has been added to each of the formulas to help prevent signs of aging caused by the attack of UVA and skin dehydration. Today, the new generation of Clarins is composed of 6 extracts:

·        Olive extract, a powerful anti radical, protective and regenerating

·        Pea extract, which helps protect the elastin fibers from degradation

·        Gold extract, which protects the cells of the skin

·        Plane tree extract, ideal against aging

·        Aloe Vera extract for moisturizing

·        Baobab extract that promotes cellular communication to limit UV aggression

3. An Eco Friendly Formula

Because corals harbor 30% of marine biodiversity, they play a major role in maintaining the ecosystem. It is obvious for the brand to know precisely the impact of the products on this system. Anxious to preserve biodiversity, Clarins conducted its tests on cuttings of corals. These fragments are capable of generating new corals, thus avoiding their destruction in the marine environment.

The good results obtained allowed to put on our packaging the mention and the icon: Respect of the corals. Scientific collaboration with research teams allows the brand to study the physiology of corals in order to preserve them. In January 2018, Prince Albert II handed the Cross of the Order of Saint Charles to Olivier Courtin-Clarins for the group's commitment to the protection of the oceans.